Lost & Found at Vancouver Indoor.

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Pick up your stuff you bastards.


-1 yellow nalgene-esque water bottle.

-1 grey nalgene-esque water bottle.

-1 pair of New Balance runners (slightly too small for my feet).

-1 pair of dingy stinky runners.

-1 black ninjastar disc (James?).

-1 St. Louis Ulty disc (Corey).

One more week and all that stuff goes from the back of my car to the Trout Lake CC's Lost & Found.

Hey Jeremy, I think that grey naglene bottle is mine (andrew from 4play) ill pick it up on


rs By rs

Found at Trillium on Tuesday in a puddle:

single dark grey nike runner with green interior.

Looking for my green Swell stainless steel bottle...I left it at women's turf (trillium)Oct 20... Hope you can bring it to memorial turf tonight. Muchas Gracias!! :)

Hey! I have your bottle and was going to bring it tonight. What's your team? I'm Amelia Earhart and we're in red shirts. See you tonight!