Lost @ Riverfront on Monday July 17

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mO By mO

I lost one of my yellow brick cones at games at Riverfront. It's got my name and number on it, so if you have it can you please call me so I can pick it up? I'm very attached to this cone..........


correction... you *were* very attached to this cone...

If it doesn't turn up, I think my team's set of cones has a bunch of extra yellows and might be able to spare one.

mO By mO

No no Mort, I still am for I believe that there is a kind soul out there who has my cone and will be nice enough to call me and return it to me.

As well, if your team's set of cones is the exact same shade as mine, I will be happy to take one as a replacement for mine....gracias!!!

"As well, if your team's set of cones is the exact same shade as mine, I will be happy to take

one as a replacement for mine....gracias!!!"


You'd even *think* of replacing the cone to which you've still got lingering attachment? At the

very leas I'd think you'd want a cone that didn't quite match, as it would serve as a memorial

to the MIA cone. ;)

And here I thought Mort was the only one more anal than me.

Seriously though, one solution would be to trade your 3 (or 5) cones to Mort for 4 (or 6)

identically coloured cones... freak. :P

Sounds to me like she actually planned it's demise, your honour. She clearly shows no remorse and appears to be so easily able to consider replacing it that we have to wonder whether this was the plan all along.

"Anal" !! ??? !!!! I don't think I've been accused of that... at least not lately... well, not since my wife suggested it a couple of hours ago. :)

I'll check with the "holders of the cones" mO, and see what I can tell ya.


I've already given her a replacement cone... of course it belonged to someone else.... but she's already has another cone :p

mO By mO

Ya, but the cone you gave me was an off shade...so now it travels in my car and is only used if really necessary...I still miss my original cone. Does anybody have it?!?

Temple, I won't change my 5 bright yellow matching cones for 6 cones that may or may not match cuz then I'll have 6 USED cones and not 5 almost mint condition cones.....

Mort...please check, thanks for your help!!! btw, I don't think we needed to know that your wife suggested *that*...this is a G-rated board you know. :P

oops... um, I wasn't even thinking that mO... seriously.


Best. Slip. Ever.

mO By mO

Mort...you dirty boy! Stop lying...it's bad for you, you know.

Jeremy/Steve: Do you have cones for me? *snickers*

Sure, why not. They aren't mine to give away, but that's never stopped me before.

That, and they have S.M.U.T. written on them. You down with the S.M.U.T.?

mO By mO

Ya, I'm down with S.M.U.T. and I'm down with S.M.U.T.T.I.E.R. as well. Are they the same shade as my cones?

Beats the hell out of me. I've never seen your...cones.

I was trying to think of a non-dirty way to say that, but no dice.

We've only got four brick cones anyway, so I doubt Lady Godiva/Go Dive Ah! would be willing to give them up.

mO By mO

S/J! You know better than to talk dirty with me...that's for later, remember? Btw, what ever happened to Mort and Temple? Did you guys die out or did you guys find your own...cones...to play with?

Pity you didn't join us at C-Fest. Now that's an entire WEEKEND devoted to talking dirty. And playing dirty. And playing naked.

Oh no, we're still here. It's just that we're hurt that you don't seem to care where your cone comes from and are somewhat biased towards particular colours. Personally, I thought that *my* cone would be all that you would ever want, and that colour didn't matter at all as long as it had a good personality. I'll be saving *my* cone for someone who will truly appreciate it for what it can bring to the relationship.

... Temple, come here, I need a hug.

"Pity you didn't join us at C-Fest. Now that's an entire WEEKEND devoted to talking dirty. And playing dirty. And playing naked. "

Haha... Jer. I heard about that from Iz. Too bad the girls didn't go all the way with playing in their underwear, eh? ;)

I'll be at your games late tonight to cheer you guys on in the final minutes. Have to work today. Boourns.

Oh and mO, nice meeting you (again) at GAIA over the weekend.


Mort and Temple,

The Personals are ---> thataway. ;)

mO By mO

where are my cones?!?!?!

Um...don't you guys SELL cones?

After some SERIOUS cone stealing this past Monday at Winona, I ended up losing a couple yellow brick cones, but it seems a yellow cone with the name "mO" and a phone number on it surfaced in my possession.

Anyone missing this cone? :)

Well, mO doesn't seem to want it, so I'll take it.

$5 for the phone number on that cone...

It seems she hasn't noticed my subtle and obviously futile attempts at stalking so far, so I need to make it a bit more obvious.

mO By mO


*does her little celebration dance*

Can you email me and we can arrange a pick up time?

Are you going to the VUL year end party (Sept 8)? If you are, I will buy you a drink!!!


J/S: BACK OFF MY CONE!! Touch it and u will feel the wrath of mO!!!!

Mort: Stalking me? Is my number only worth $5? Boo! It's worth more than that!!!

This was a great read!

mO By mO

haha Scire - well, we aim to please.

I don't even think I ended up getting my cone back...though I feel as if i did, but I don't remember who gave it to me....maybe I should go check my cone stash....