Lowest possible div Thurs team looking for 1 male

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(argh looks like there is a character limit for the header) or maybe 2.

here's as many details I can think of this late to see if we are a good match.

who we are:

fun loving lowest possible division Thursday team composed of mostly beginners.

Our priorities are fun and growth/improvement. Winning is nice but if it doesn't happen, we are ok with that.

age range is 20 - 35. It doesn't matter to us but it might matter to you.

we will more than likely be a larger team. our past experience shows no matter how large the team we still end up with weeks where no one can seem to make it. So some weeks we may have a surplus of subs some weeks there will be no subs. be prepared for that.

team fees will be about $86 (good chance it will be less, but you should be willing to contribute $86)

what we are looking for:

experience is not necessary, but commitment is. If you are new, have the motivation to improve/learn. If you are a "pro" it's probably good if you like to teach.

we won't be winning much so if you are easily frustrated (at the other team or your teammates), give up or really really hate losing we aren't the team for you. For us, as long as the effort is there, we are ok.

Attitudes that negatively impact the team (eg reckless play, win at all cost, disrespect, etc.) won't be tolerated.

Yeah, that last bit sounded a bit serious, but there was a negative experience I promised myself, I would not let happen anymore. Fun and safety first, winning second.

and that's not all, our current team name is


who doesn't love that.

email is linked below.

thanks for reading this really long ad. haha