Mandatory Spirit Tournament?!?!?!

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What's the deal with making the spirit tournament mandatory? It sort of sounds like big brother telling us, "you will play and you will have fun".... If the league had to make it mandatory in order to run then maybe they should realize that it is not a service in great demand to VUL players. It just doesn't seem very spirited for the league to do this.

You shall have fun! Wheather you want to or not!!!! It has been decreed by the almighty leader in consultation with the magic 8-ball. I'm looking forward to playing with a sprained ankle and with a whole bunch of like minded, err - I mean same-named, ulti players.

If this isn't a troll...

The idea is to expose newbies to the game and to the concept of spirit - to ensure that as the game grows, its core values (no refs, long-winded "discussions" about rules, post-game frivolity) stay intact. You get to run around in the sun for free... what's the problem?

The issue is WHY IS IT MANDATORY? And why is it on a day different then what we signed up for?

K By K

It's mandatory in the same way that games are supposed to start a 6 pm.

I was never under the impression that it was Manadatory?

Your team captain, or you if you are a captain should have gotten the following from VUL COORD.

- Games are in the day on Sunday May 2

- game times are 10:00 a.m., 11:30, 1:00 p.m., 2:30 p.m.

- games are at UBC & Jericho

- hat format

- every team plays 2 games in a row

- all teams div 4-8 need to send all (or as many as are available) of their players to the event

- all teams div 1-3 need to send AT LEAST 3 players to the event

I know that the last point says that AT LEAST 3 players, but if your entire team has to stay at home and do chores that day I am sure the Coord. would understand.

There is also a FAQ for the tourney, that you can find on the home page.

The bottom line is that if you can't go, or don't want to go, then don't. No one will miss you.

Not sure what info you got from your captain, but the only mandatory part is letting him/her know if you're going to be there or not. Obviously Jeff can't plan a tournament (or teams, for that matter) without knowing who's going to be there. 1200 people saying 'maybe I'll be there' is obviously an organizational nightmare.

I love double standards. So what if my team has been together for 6 years and we still suck in Div 7, why do we all have to go? And by the way, the League Coord is threatening to boot teams out of the league who don't show up for the spirit festivities, sort of makes it sound like it's mandatory....

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if your team is stuck in a lower division, perhaps you could use the spirit tourney as an opportunity to learn something and move yourself up a few divisions so next year only 3 of your members would have to show up.

Bashful: I really enjoy reading your sarcasm

K By K

Wasn't being sarcastic, it's just the way things are. On paper, spirit week is mandatory, and every team should have 7 on the line by 6 pm. On the field, most people have accepted things don't work like that, which is fine by me.

Now, were YOU being sarcastic? Couldn't tell.

I didn't read "or as many as are available" as meaning "mandatory".

I'm working out of town and won't be able to make it... my captain didn't forward my name for the spirit tournament roster... and I'm not on the teams list. But I'd almost be willing to bet my next paycheque that there won't be any significant repurcussions to me or the team.

Popper said it well as to why the league hosts a season-opening spirit tourney. The idea of a spirit tournament is new this year, where typically the first week of league was "spirit week" and you played on your regularly scheduled night.

If your feedback is that you'd prefer the return of spirit week, so that you can play on your preferred night, rather than a Saturday, I recommend you get the feedback to your captain, the board and/or the coordinator and it will be considered for next year, along with other people's feedback. If, on the other hand, your feedback is that there is no useful point to spirit week/tourney, then you should know that this will likely be drowned out by the very positive feedback that Jeff receives on how useful and fun it actually is.

And, like the FAQ and many of these posts says: If you can't play, don't.