Marker foul, did not effect the play

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Handler makes a break force backhand pass.

Disc is released and is caught by the intended striker.

But as the disc was released the marker of the handler bumped the
handler's throwing arm.

Marker calls a foul on himself because he contacted the handler.

Seeing that the foul did not effect the throw as the striker caught the
disc can the marker’s foul be contested as a “did not effect the play”?

Here's a great example of why calling foul on yourself should never, ever be done, why it's
against the rules and why it's poor spirit.

Just don't ever do it. What's much, much more spirited (and not against the rules) is saying
"hey I just fouled you, you should call it". If they call it, great. If they don't so be it.

Back to your scenario. Since the 'foul' called by the Marker on himself, wasn't actually a Call,
just yell "Play On!" and continue play.

Alternate scenario, if the thrower had called foul, but the disc was completed, he should just
yell "Play On!" and continue play.

I agree. For emphasis, note rule XVI.H.1, under which it is the infracted player's choice to call a foul, if indeed he considered it a foul.

Right. If I am defending someone and I think I fouled them, I would say "hey, I think I fouled you, don't be afraid to call it." most of the time the offensive player will decline, because it didn't affect the play or he/she didn't think it was justified.