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I recently played in a game were a larger but slower player marked me. When I cut, my defend tried to block my cut with his body but was unable to. Everytime I ran past him however, he ended up hitting my arm or shoulder as he was always a second late trying to block my path.

Although he's not really preventing me from cutting it started to get annoying by the 6th time he wacked my arm/shoulder. I would like to note that before I cut I did have a clear path, I could not avoid contacting him as he was coming in from the side and that the disc was not in the air so he wasn't hindering my ability to make a catch.

What is the call here and how would it be resolved?

Sounds like the definition of a Blocking Foul...

XVI.I.8.B) When the disc is not in the air, players may not take a position that is unavoidable by

a moving opponent when time, distance, and line of sight are taken into account. Contact

resulting from a player taking an unavoidable position is a foul on the blocking player.

yep: blocking foul. If uncontested, the count comes in at 1 (i.e. "stalling 1"). If contested (say if the defender feels you could have altered your path to avoid the contact), the count comes in at the lesser of the last count reached plus one or 6.

Given this, this foul often goes uncalled because unless you are held up and can't get open, it often isn't in the offense's interest to stop the play.

/*tactical aside*/

Another option for you would be to put a bit more effort into misdirecting your defender before committing to your final direction. If they are simply trying to step in front, they may have abondoned the idea of staying with you, so they might be pretty easy to deke out.

good luck...

...thank you for that clarification (and rule #) I too know where to direct people when a blocking foul occurs....