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As a marker, are you allow to block the offensive player from running, if the frisbee is not in the air?

What if the frisbee is in the air, are you still allow to block their path from getting to the frisbee?

Are you allow to extend your arms while blocking them? Are they suppose to avoid your arms, so if they hit the marker, it's the foul on the runner?


Allan, I think you're confused about the meaning of the word "marker" or "marking."

II.K: "Marker: The defensive player within three meters of the thrower’s pivot or of the thrower if no pivot has been established. If the disc is not in play, a defensive player within three meters of a spot on the field where the disc is to be put into play is considered the marker."

The marker is a defensive player guarding the thrower (whoever that is from time to time).

Are you genuinely asking about a marker blocking a runner, or do you mean any defender? (The usual Blocking Foul and Receiving Foul rules in XVI.H always apply, of course.)