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I'm new to VUL and I was wondering why it says everywhere "Membership is free: become a member now." but I have to pay a $590 "VUL Membership" to make a team?

To access the information and services on the website (and eventually to sign up and waiver for a team), you need to become a member, and that is free. But the league relies on the membership fees paid by its teams to pay for the administration of the society and all of its services beyond costs directly attributed to a given league (which are primarily the field costs of that league).

Membership is free. Teams are charged to enter the league and play for the season. The team will then divide the cost up amongst their players. If you are a single player put onto a team by the league, then you will be charged about $50ish or $60ish for the season.

Or, even more simply:

Membership is free.

Playing isn't.