Memorial Fund for VUL member Lenami Godinez-Avila

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With great sadness we lost a wonderful member of our VUL community a few
weeks ago – Lenami Godinez-Avila

The friends and family of Lenami who was tragically killed in a hang-gliding
accident on Saturday, April 28th, 2012, have set up a memorial scholarship fund in
her memory at Simon Fraser University.

The goal of the scholarship fund is to carry on Lenami’s legacy of philanthropy and
volunteerism, and to encourage international students with a passion for
sustainability and community to pursue studies at Simon Fraser University.

Lenami was born in Mexico and studied at the University of Lima from 2001-2003.
She came to Canada to study at Simon Fraser University, where she earned a B.A.
in Economics and Latin American Studies in 2006. At the time of her death, she was
working for the BC Ministry of Environment.

Throughout her life, Lenami was active in a number of environmental and social
initiatives; she was involved in waste reduction projects for backyard composting
and food scraps recycling, including the Farmer’s Marked Drop Spot where
apartment dwellers can drop off kitchen scraps to be composted. She participated
in the 2011 Multiple Sclerosis bike tour, and was also a regular donor to SFU’s
International Students’ Emergency Assistance Fund. In the years before her
untimely passing, she dreamed of establishing a scholarship fund to help other
International students attend university.

In order to see this wish come true, Lenami’s friends and family have set up a
memorial scholarship fund under her name at Simon Fraser University. With
enough public support, this fund will become an endowed fund and can provide
annual scholarships for many years to come. Scholarships will be awarded to
female international students who exemplify the values of hard work, and passion
for sustainability and community that Lenami held dear.

For information on donating, please visit