"Milking" the disc now illegal in the VUL???

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It appears a new "rule" is making its way through the league.

While playing at Winona, my teammate threw a nice leading pass to me as I was running away from him toward the endzone. I noticed that I was approaching the endzone with no defender near me, so I decided to "milk" the disc for approximately 10 yards (it was a sweet throw) for the score.

(For those not aware of the ulti use of the term "milk": Although I could have easily caught the disc 10 yards outside the endzone, I chose not to, and did not make contact with the disc until I caught the disc in the endzone for the score.)

I acknowledged the goal, but the other team said what I did was illegal and/or bad spirit... They did however allow the point to stand despite their belief that what I had done was wrong.

In the subsequent discussion, I suggested that the team was confusing my situation with the rule that you can't intentionally tip, bobble, delay, or mac the disc in an attempt to advance the disc.

The team was adamant that they were aware of the rule I was quoting, but that a "new rule" covered my situation.

Needless to say, I am extremely suspicious of the existence of such a rule. The team may be referring to the same rule I mentioned, which also refers to "delaying" the disc...

However, to "delay" the disc does not mean to choose to catch the disc further downfield than you could have. I believe it is a technical term for allowing the disc to spin on your finger so you never have possession of a non-spinning disc, and thus have not made a "catch" (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to criticize the other team. They were good-spirited about it (allowing the goal to stand), and honestly believed that their interpretation of this new rule was correct.

I merely want to clarify the "rule", since the team also stated that *another* team had used the same "rule" against them in a game earlier this season! If this is yet another rule myth in its infancy, it should be killed before it's allowed to get any bigger...

So, Art, would you mind clearing this one up? If it is a new rule in the 10th edition, or merely a VUL-only permutation, I'll keep it mind (and maybe use it ;-) ). If not, I'll refer people to this thread if it is called against me in the future.



DISC MILKING HAS ALWAYS BEEN ILLEGAL!!!!! WAKE UP DK! Same with foot watching and guys stripping down to play naked. Seriously, if you banned disc milking, holmes' whole game would disappear.

As said by meme and (sarcastically) by rathole, milking the disc is absolutely fine. It's simply a good play and is no more illegal than making an interception.

I'm not sure how this ever got started, but hopefully any proponents of the "rule" will be convinced soon. One way would be to challenge them (politely, of course) to show evidence, of which none exists. It is completely absent from any rule set that applies to the VUL and likely from any rule set anywhere.

... not to be confused with...

"Milking the Pig"

You can milk anything with nipples.

No YOU can milk anything with nipples. But stay away from mine.

You CAN milk anything with nipples but they usually call foul, . . . really loudly . . .with a disgusted look on their face.


Gin-Boh said: "One way would be to challenge them (politely, of course) to show evidence, of which none exists."

Your quote illustrates the battle I was facing... Trying to prove a negative is really f*ing hard...

I tried to use the classic "I've played competitively under the 10th Edition rules, and can assure you that the rule you state doesn't exist" argument. For some strange reason, it didn't work...

I guess I need to brush up on my Jedi mind-control techniques...


The credited response is:

I have nipples, Greg, can you milk me?

--> "You can milk anything with nipples." <--

By reverse, does this mean that you CANNOT milk anything WITHOUT nipples? Perhaps that team that challenged DK last night REALLY DID know what they were talking about?

Or does that little bump on the bottom of the disc count as a nipple... and hence we're allowed to milk it?

In response to the first of Mortakai's questions in post 10:


Using some First Order Logic:

The statement "You can milk anything with nipples" tells us that 'if something has nipples then you can milk that something'.

This is the equivalent of 'if you cannot milk something, then that something does not have nipples'.

This is not the same though as the statement made in the above post: "....you CANNOT milk anything WITHOUT nipples", for this says 'if something does not have nipples you cannot milk it'.

For example, a nippleless cow can be milked (let's say) which is consistent with "You can milk anything with nipples", but inconsistent with the post 10 interpretation "....you CANNOT milk anything WITHOUT nipples", since I have just stated you can milk a nippleless cow (we don't have a cow....but we have a bull though [okay, okay, maybe we should not go here]).

Therefore we cannot, using the arguement in Post 10, come to the conclusion that the "team that challenged DK last night REALLY DID know what they were talking about".

Hope this helps in your future ultimate experiences.

Hopefully Mortakai will not take offense to my harsh criticism.


Besides, the bump inside a disc is a nubbin'.

Just thought I'd try to help.