Monday team looking for 2 GIRLS & 2 GUYS

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We'd love to have two more ladies and 2 more gents to fill our roster.

We're playing the single 2hr game on Monday nights.

Name of the team is Sofa Candy and we've been in the league a couple years now. Our average level is C+ and we'll be in Level 5.

Hi Glenn,
I'd be interested in monday night games.
I've played a couple seasons in the VUL mostly div 6-7 but I think 5 should be fine. I live and work at UBC and play for fun. I'll be out of town a couple weeks round end of may and again maybe in middle of july.

I have 2 guys and 2 girls looking for a team.

We are fairly new, but athletic. Let us know if you are interested!



Hi Glenn,
My name is Francesca. Looking for a team for this summer.
I'm 28 and pretty fit, currently training for the SunRun with good results.
I played only a couple of games, but I practiced throwing and catching for the last couple of summers with expert players. I went to a couple of clinics in the last 3 months and I'm planning to attend the remaining ones scheduled for April.
Eager to learn and to improve my skills!

What's the average age of the team?

Let me know.


Mic By Mic

I am would be interested if you still need a woman. Been playing for 6+ years, B- level female. Good spirit and easy to get along with.

Hi Glenn,

My name is Rochelle and I have 2 girls and 2 guys looking for a Monday team to play. Thw two girls have played in high school ultimate as well as a couple of seasons in VUL (divs 5-7). The two guys are fairly new, but we can mold them into whatever we want :)

Please tell me if you're interested!

Hey Glenn, not sure if you've filled your spots yet or not but, if not, I'm looking for a team to play on. I played on a div 4/5 team a few years ago and have been on an Urban Rec team for the last three years. I'm a pretty good handler but I'm fine with running for the disc too.

Give me a shout if you still need another guy.