Mortal Kombat Movie refilmed in 59 Seconds!

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Hello fellow ulti players!

My Monday team, Darkseid of the Omega Force, has put in an entry into this year's Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival to remake a movie in 60 seconds or less.

For our promotional poster:

Voting ends on February 12th, so please view our submission, try and pick us ulti players out and let us know what you think!

Wow! Thanks for sharing, that was awesome! Incorporating both the movie and the video game

Good luck on your contest

the guy that plays Liu Kang's pretty hot. he looks familiar...has he been in other movies?

Hey! I think I've played against Johnny Cage before!!
The video was awesome!! Good job guys!

We have made it into the top 24 films and into the next round due to your views and votes!

Please see the link below to view all the films and vote for your favourites!

Did you guys do the Matrix movie last year that was posted in another forum post?

Wow congrats on making it into the top 24!

db3 By db3

awesome video!!!

Sooooo epic. Awesome movie -- great costumes and special effects!

Sooo good... great job guys!!!