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Off of a turnover in the endzone at the side of the playing field the other teams handler picked up the disc and walked it up to the corner of the playing field proper, gently kicked the orange triangular cone about 2 to 3 feet in a manner that essentially made the unlined field larger based on the new cone location. (making room to pivot freely?) The field has orange dots painted on the field to designate the cones positions to conveners that set up the fields. As a convenor I know the orange dots are visible from about 10 yards maximum.
I couldn’t recall any rule about changing field dimensions during play so I questioned the handler. The handler said they would put the cone back after they threw the disc so not to worry. The handler was used to doing this apparently from touring play on lined fields. My issue was that there was no visible marking of the “newly defined” line during that handler’s throw for the down field players. The handler and the marker would be in a good position to make the line call based on the orange dot and the next adjacent cone.
We just played according to the handlers understanding of this condition. Is this common at the touring level with lines? Any suggestions for future play? I couldn’t find anything in the rules about it. It seems to complicate the perspective of that one throw during the game. It could create issues with replacing the cone versus playing defence on a turnover. The cones were replaced regularly after the throws, not always with the hard tip down to make the cone more flexible. Let me know if moving cones is reasonable or not. I’m leaning towards not reasonable on an unlined field, but I would like to hear what others think. Thanks!

Generally, the cone is moved for safety concerns. When you have the disc and are pivoting around, it is very easy to forget there is a cone underneath and possibly sprain an ankle.

Personally I have always done it, and I think it's fine as long as you replace it after. Fields are generally not made properly anyways so moving the cones do not make much of a difference

I would say this habit is quite common at all levels. Does that make it correct or acceptable? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Personally, I'm willing to sacrifice some perspective on a line call so that the thrower does not need to run the risk of tripping over a cone.

When a thrower is required to establish a pivot at the corner of the playing field proper, a cone is a real obstruction if you are exact about the placement of your foot. Since there is language in the rules regarding obstructions (III.D, and III.G, if I recall), then it makes good sense to remove the field marker. When this is done, the players are implicitly relying on the other field markers to make a line call, if necessary. The trick, of course, is to remember to actually replace the field marker afterward -- someone on the sideline usually does this chore.

At CUC I saw this scenario happen about 6-10 times a game, so yes, I would say it's common.

I would also say that it is legal, acceptable, and encouraged. Giving up a bit of perspective (keep in mind that the thrower and marker will still have terrific perspective down the line) in exchange for safety (tripping while pivoting is one of the leading causes of injury, in my experience) is an obvious trade-off.

And yes, a non-player should replace it asap.