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I'm looking at putting together a team of new ultimate players for the fall. I've been playing for 4 years myself and would like to see more people learn the game and enjoy the league. If you are a beginner and want to be a part of a good learning environmnet send me an email with "Newbie" in the subject line. Please let me know in your email if you are unable to play in a specific time slot on Saturday or Sunday (AM or PM). The team will be all about learning the concepts of the game and as such I will try to pick a week night, atleast for the early fall (probably Tues of Thurs) to hold a weekly practice.This team will not be about winning, just a whole lot of learning and fun!




email sent

Hey Justin,

If you're still looking for extra players, count me in...looking around for fall clinics but they don't seem to be posted yet :( Availability for most times ok; Sunday evening might be iffy.

Pros: I can run fast!

Cons: I throw like a girl (probably 'cause I am, but whatever)...



Hi Justin,

My team (Score) is not playing this fall so I am looking to join a team for fall league. I have been playing for four years. I like the idea of a weekly practice. I can play Sat or Sun AM or PM.



Hey Mala you sound like a great addition to our team. Can you please send me an email to justin82@telus.net so I will be able to send out a team email later this week. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Stuart, at the moment I'm looking for specically newer players and so far all I've got is males at your experince level asking in. Know that you have a spot on this team (pls send email as requested above) but if you find another team more at your experiance level it will probably be better off for your development. Feel free to discuss with me via email. I may know of a few teams that could use a male or two.



Good idea, nice to see you want to keep the learning going. I've sent and email.


Staurt, crazy as it seems I have actually received enough respones to field two teams worth of females and very few males. Please send me an email to justin82@telus.net when possible so I can get you up to speed.


Thanks for all the interest as I have made two full 16 player teams from this post. If they're are players interested in practicing before the fall season starts you are welcome to join us at Slocan Park Thursdays at 6pm.



and as the summer turns to fall, the sun turns to rain and players ..... get injuried.

Due to some scheduling conflicts and injuries I have a few spots open on both Sat AM and Sun PM. As written above these are teams comprised of mostly brand new players with a few 4-5 year experienced players mixed in. It's all about learning and having fun. For the Sat. team we are looking for 1-2 more guys and the Sunday AM team could use 1-2 more girls. If it sounds like a good fit come join us out at Connaught Park (Kits High School) this Thursday(Sept 14th) at 5:30pm or email me.

Is that Sun team AM or PM... you've said both.


I'm coaching both Hucking Debut on Saturday AM as well as Huck Huck Duck Duck on Sunday AM. Neither is in the PM, my apologises. Must be the Util crazies finally settling in. I was warned!