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I see from the Cdn Taxpayer's Foundation that our national debt will click up over $500,000,000,000 this weekend. Tsk, tsk and terrible, right? And if you do the math, that figure translates to about $15,000 for each woman, man and child in Canada. (And that does not count our own personal debts...)

Compare that to the US. (You saw Mr Obama visiting Mr Hu in China, right, and heard that China is the largest creditor for the USA.) Well, the US national debt translates to about $100,000 per person. (And that figure does not count anyone's own personal debt.)

File that under, "It sucks to be you, Uncle Sam!"

That would be hilarious if it were true!

I think you mean $100'000 per family, which is really about $22'000 per person. Still worse than ours, and at least amusing, but not quite as hilarious.

I'm more worried about the fact that ours will be growing around 10% per year just to assist some con ridings in ontario and quebec. The Olympics are chump change compared to the wasted billions they're spending out east.

Those are scary numbers, aren't they?

The US gross debt (which I think includes state debts) is about $12 trillion, which is ~$110k per taxpayer, or ~$40k per person.

The CDN national debt is only federal debt. With provincial and municipal debts added, I think it's about $21k per person.

The difference is nice, but as the US economy goes, so will we...

i find it kinda interesting that china (a so called communist country) is the largest creditor to the US (a so called world power).

ohhh capitalism is funny!