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I am trying to start a team for the VUL, purely for fun. I currently have about 6 players (2 boys, the rest girls) most of them have not played before. We are all mid-twenties and above. Please get back to me if you want to join, looking for Wednesdays,

How many players do you need? I have anywhere between 3-6, depending on peoples commitments, but definately 3, all boys, and we range from 22-26. None of us have really played before (some never) but all like the excercise. About how many players do we need to enter a team, and where would the majority of the games be played?



Hi there A friend and I (2 males) were actually looking for a team to join. We each have one season of experience. Please let me know if you are in the need of some players. We are looking for a team that will be somewhat competitive but mainly focused on having fun and developing skills.

All the best


Hi, are you still looking for players? I'm 28 and have played about 3 years in league and tournaments. The last two years were in Japan, so I have no team in Vancouver! Let me know if you've got any spots left! Thanks!


I've lost my team to the Burnaby League last year, so I'm looking for a team to play with or sub with.
I've played on various teams in the VUL for the last 5 years or so. I've breeched the 30 year mark and a would love to focus on having fun and getting exercise.



I'm new to this type of thing and i'm interested in joining a group. If you have room for me and
perhaps a friend, please let me know.

hello, my friend and I are interested in joining. I have no experience and she has one season under her belt. we are both 25 year old women and are both looking for a team on the fun side (not hyper-competitive). If you've got room my email address is Thanks!

Hey, me and possibly another friend are interested in joining. I am a 29 year old male, brand new to Vancouver. I'm in good shape and can throw a Frisbee OK, but I've never actually played before. Let me know! Thanks!!!

I would love to join. I am a man in my early 30's and really really want to play some ultimate. I have played twice and loved it.