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Hi all,
I was just at New Balance today and they said that they are no longer an official sponsor of the VUL. Therefore, no discount. Now the powers that be can correct me if I'm wrong.

I can confirm that this is true.

Earlier this week we agreed with New Balance that thier current product mix doesn't match well enough with our members' needs to continue the partnership. The store still carries some great men's grass cleats, but can't currently provide much in terms of women's or turf cleats.

Regardless of this shortcoming, we still encourage members to visit New Balance for your athletic wear needs as the company produces great product. Unfortunatley the 15% discount no longer applies.

Does anyone know where we can get NB cleats now that the NB store in Vancouver no longer carries
them? I know there are online options, but I'd need to try them on first.

Last I purchased was online and had them shipped to point roberts. As for stores in BC, possibly some football equipment places? but i havent seen the NB cleats around too much

Yeah, Joe's New Balance is great for online

Rackets and Runners used to carry them, but I haven't been there in a while.


I believe Rackets and Runners no longer carries cleats. This was the case last fall.

New Balance store in Delta may have them available.

The New Balance Vancouver store should still have some men's grass
cleats (897's) if those are the ones you are referring to. I picked up a pair
myself there about a month ago. These were the only cleats they were
still carrying (in the high and low top form).

You can contact their locations by clicking on the attached link to see if
they have your size.


Craig K

hey! I still have these!

Never worn New Balance 700s

Mens size 7 (so, like a women size 9)

I'm selling them for $45.

Email me!

@Craig K: I visited the NB Vancouver Store a couple weeks ago and they said they no longer carry cleats.

@YourMom: Thanks for the offer to sell your 700s, but I wear sz 7.5 unfortunately... otherwise, great deal!


you don't really need your toenails!!! try them!!!

Thanks for bring our attention to this fabolous. I contacted New Balance, and they have discontiued the 897's. They have a very small selection of other cleats available, so you could give them a call to see if they mave something that fits you if you were set on New Balance cleats.

Good luck finding something that works for you!

MVP Athletic Supplies in Burnaby, #110 - 5898 Trapp Avenue, (off Marine Way) has a good selection of cleats.

I know it is a bit far for those who think Boundary is "way out there"!

Joe's New Balance online 897's $85