New Logo!! - thoughts?

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If you haven't seen it yet, check our homepage.

We want to know what type of gear you want us to produce this year. Click on the link below to tell us on facebook and you could be the first to own some of our new merch! If you don't have facebook, you can just tell us right here too.

Also, any thoughts on the logo? - Love, like, dislike, indifferent?



Canucks colours maybe?
Actually it reminds me of the Wordpress logo...

Okay. More to the point, though, they're the city colours. . . .

the question was "thoughts?"

my thought was this:


Really? Any of those logos actually look at all similar to you?

When I look at the logos all I see is a burning that wrong. The voices in my head tell me it's ok.

While we are at it - Vancouver Nighthawks Logo - Angry Bird or Cute Hedgehog? Or burning house?


Internet Use 101 -- if you want an opinion on an image, show us the image.

I hope it's blue-and-green, so that I know it's from Vancouver.

Internet Use 101 (Pre-course work) - Google is your friend.

Question #2 - Photo of Morgan - Intense, Confused or Cute Headgehog? Or burning house...


#1 - None of the above. That is a Night Fury. Common mistake.

#2 - Someone clearly kicked Morgan's puppy. Common mistake.