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Sam By Sam

Vancouver will be starting a new men's ultimate team this summer. Wanna join? If so, better go to the OPEN TRY-OUTS on June 8, 10, 13. (Field location will be announced within the next 3 weeks.)

Team will be competitive in nature and will play throughout the summer and fall. Tentative tournament schedule includes Summer Solstice (Eugene Oregon), BC Regional Qualifier for Canadian Nationals (Location TBA), Canadian Nationals (Vancouver) and UPA Sectionals and Regionals (locations TBA). The team's practice schedule includes mandatory practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every 2nd Sunday for the summer and fall months.

Note* This team will NOT be sending a team to Flowerbowl. If you want to play Flowerbowl, find another squad to play for.

Vancouver has not had two competitive frisbee teams in a long time. This summer that will change. Sound good? If yes, get excited to help make this new frisbee team reach its short term (make national finals) and long term goals (be the best team in the world). To be eligible to join full commitment to the team is needed.


What are the age range and are the practices going to be the same as the VUL game time?

FYI: BC Regionals will be at Burnaby Lake park:

Who's captaining this team?

Sam By Sam

Captains have not been assigned at the moment. Currently, we are a bunch of frisbee players who want to put out a young competitive team.

Just wondering if the time are set yet

The tryouts are set for:

Tues 8, 6:00 at UBC the rugby fields closest to the osborne gyms, northwest corner of UBC fields.

Thurs 10 6:00

Sun 13 tbd


cleats (on by 6pm)


white and dark



any questions that can't wait until tues -


sam and matt