New roads can reduce traffic, says new study

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hmm holes in the anti-twinning arguments...whoda thunk that would happen.

I think the article missed on point that should be stressed - density and/or city planning needs to be the focus for reducing road demands - focussing on density vs. sprawl and ensuring the development that is planned/allowed is designed to minimize the need to drive.

Unfortunately the link reports that it's only for subscribers. I was looking forward to the annual traffic debate starting soon too. :( Stump will be pleased to know I cut my carbon emissions by almost umm... well more than 1%! (I went from a 4L Jeep to a 49cc scooter)

... of course, the next step would be walking, Dugly. [If you were able :) ]

Seriously, how's the knee? Sorry I jumped on it... er I mean, sorry I laughed when you went down... no wait, that's not right either. Glad I could be there with the ice.

Good as new! Thanks for asking :)

And as long as "good as new" is a euphemism for "I'm wearing shorts because I can't get pants over how swollen it is"

The good news is that on Tuesday my surgeon called (Dr. Tarazi, I hope he's good) and verified it's a torn ACL. Ironically I got my MRI last week and was naively hoping that the g2 brace would provide some sort of support.

By the way, thank a whole bunch for the ice! I've never seen anyone actually carrying them in their pockets on the field before, that's the height of preparedness!

Here's another link. No subscription to Stump pleasing - I'll join you - changing jobs in the new year to reduce mileage from about 100km per day to a measley 5km per day. My one tonne challenge fulfilled methinks.

I'll have to give the study a closer look but at first glance, I'm interested to read that they say one form of 'TDM' (traffic demand management) works (tolls) but another form (limiting roadspace) does not, in terms of reducing traffic. That's certainly a different p.o.v. than that espoused by many transportation experts.

5km eh? Just fyi, it's probably faster to bike than drive that distance. Way more fun too.

I have had two shocking realizations recently.

1. how much of our media is owned by just a couple companies, and how much it is in the pocket of Big Oil/Big Auto

2. how fun, convenient, fast and economical it is to ride a bike around Vancouver.