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Hi me and my friends were thinking of signing up for hat league in january and were wondering about the definition of newbie for the 3'rd person in a group.

On the site, it says newbies have played for less than a year. I've played for about 8-10 months... (can't remember when i started - it was sometime in march-ish)

Do i count as a newbie? I'm not sure what to rate my skills as either.

My friends have been a part of the school ultimate team since october - but some of them learned super-fast (either played football or something) and some of them just don't get it... I also got a few friends who started at the same time as me, but still cannot do very much.

Who would classify as a noob?

Also, at the bottom of the registeration pdf, it says "newbie - to have never played before" so... ? if someone's played for a couple months and ...so...does that count? I really haven't seen any players from VUL so i don't know how to rank the skills of myself or any of my friends

Thanks! - jeanz

Ultimate years in Vancouver are kind of like dog years -- just one counts for more than you'd think. How many seasons have you played? If you've played both summer league and fall league, you're probably not a newbie anymore. If you didn't play either season in the VUL, then maybe you're a newbie. If your friends have learned super fast, then maybe they're not newbies either

Does your arsenal include a flick and a hammer and a scoober (of any shaky description?) Then you're probably not a newbie. Don't know what these mean? Then you probably are one...

Have you played against a Zone D and, if you didn't shred it, at least moved the disc well enough to score? Then you're probably not a newbie. Don't know how to break a zone? Then you probably are one...

And remember, all of this is for winter hat league. The best way to get on a good team is to say you're a newbie when you're not one, and then your team will be loaded...

WElll.. I've never played in VUL before - only played for about a month or two of school district play... and then went to the provincials with my friend's team and didn't do so hot... haha...

I guess that makes me not a newb...

If i'm unsure of where I fit in with the skill levels, what letter should i put?

I don't know what a scoober is, and we haven't ever really gotten too serious on set plays. basically we all run in circles and chase the disc heh. The school team ended up 2nd last in the school district league.

Sounds like 'C' to me, BBJ. (And it's not like in the history of Ultimate I've EVER been wrong before...)

Have fun at hat.