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1. The spring 2012 issue of the Ultimate Canada Magazine is now available:

2. You can now submit bids to host CUC in 2013:

3. As of 2013, the junior division at CUC will move to the Monday-Wednesday before the adult divisions:

4. Ultimate Canada is starting a new Spirit of the Game committee. If you are interested in being involved, you can apply here:

And a special congratulations to local players and teams who were recognized by Ultimate Canada for their contributions! See the UC Magazine for the full write-ups.

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees:
- Builders: Scott Lewis, Brian Gisel
- Players: Adam Berson, Al Nichols, Anja Haman
- Teams: Goo/Prime, Furious George

2011 Coach of the Year - John Hayduk

2011 Spirit of the Game Award - Mike "Spud" Fleury

2011 Male Player of the Year - Morgan Hibbert

Congrats to all!