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has anyone tried out this system? Is it worthwhile? I've got the iPod, should I invest in the other doo-hickey to make running a little more enjoyable?

Note: It only works with the iPod Nanos.

I got it for my special lady friend this Christmas. She uses it quite frequently (2-3 times a
week), and very much enjoys it. Her favourite feature is the "power song" a song that you
can kick in at any time by pushing a button on the iPod.

It can work with any type of shoe, not just Nike + shoes, but you have to buy or DIY
a little pouch to secure the accelerometer to regular shoes. I attached it to her shoe laces
with some masking
tape at Christmas as a temporary solution to get her able to play right away, and after many
a run in downpours, it's still holding strong and stable to the shoe.

The system is a lightweight speed/distance monitor. It isn't on par with the Polar type
watches in features or accuracy (though it is fairly accurate). I'd suggest that people who are
serious runners would want something more full-featued for training, but people who are
recreational runners that want a fun toy/tool to track their progress will find the Nike + is a
great system.

I've got a friend who is in the former category and has a whiz-bang Polar
speed/distance/heart monitor, he's got a Nike + and is looking to sell. Mail me and I can find
out more for you.