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If the defender catches the disc when he AND the disc the OB, where does the disc start? is it where the defender is or where the disc is ob. And what if the offence caught it ob?

The two answers to your two questions are both in the "Out of Bounds" section in the rules (check link for complete rules) Basically: If it's a defensive player, the point of the field closest to where they played the disc OB. If it's an offensive player, the point at which it flew (or rolled I guess) OB.

If a defender plays it OB, then it's the part of the field (inbounds) closest to where they played the disc. This means that a defensive player MAY get position out of bounds but play it rather than risk it going back in. They may choose NOT to play it because if they don't then they might have a favourable field position. For offensive players it doesn't make any difference.

Here's the rules.


7. To restart play after the disc has gone out-of-bounds, a member of

the team gaining possession of the disc must carry the disc to the

point of the playing field proper where the disc went

out-of-bounds, and put the disc into play at that point.

9. If a pass does not come in bounds the opposing team gains

possession of the disc where it left the field of play only if the

defense did not contact the disc. If the defense contacted the

disc, the disc must be put into play at the point on the playing

field proper closest to where the contact occurred.

here's another question or 2. What if the player now starting with the disc start the play OB without knowing he's OB, is that TO? And what if that player is not OB but he pivet to OB, is that TO?

You might want to read the rules incase I get it wrong. (I think the link I have in the WWW should get you there)

The same section (In/Out of bounds)

You can pivot in and out of bounds, as long as some part of your pivot foot is inbounds.

This one I'm not as sure of, but I think if you throw from out of bounds (without having put it in) then it's a travel. If it's incomplete then it's just another Turn Over, if it's completed the defence should call "Travel" loud enough for everyone to hear and send it back to the thrower.

IIRC (If I recall correctly) Travels can be called by anyone on the field.

Nice work Dugly, that's exactly right.