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Hey folks... posting here instead of announcement or wherever,
because those
most suited to it will come here first, and so...


Looking for a great way to support the sport you love? Would you like
to use your
strong rules knowledge to bring added value to the players’ and
experiences? Consider attending one of our certification clinics and
becoming a
Certified Observer.

The best of the observer pool are invited to Observe at Canadian
Nationals, and
across the border at US College and Club Nationals. Certified Ultimate
Observers are recognized across the border for USA Ultimate events as
to a USA Ultimate Certified Observer, and so are able to work games in
Canada and the United States.

Register for one of our 2011 upcoming Observer certification clinics this
summer :

June 2-3, 2012 – Flowerbowl (Vancouver)


The Observer Program page on the UC website hasn't been updated
with this year's dates yet, but will be
soon, so go there anyway if you're interested... for the most part, just
swap in this
year's Flowerbowl clinic for last year's list and that's pretty much most
of the

So... want to Observe at Victoria this year? Depending on how you do
at the clinic,
you'll be invited... you don't have to be the most amazing observer
ever to make
the cut, but that'll help. Basically, be good-or-better, then you'll likely
be welcome.

The UC email 'observing@' points to me, so use that address, or just
the email link
below... to either register or to ask any questions.


... gotta love the site's reformatting magic after editing...

it's okay though, I'm not pretty either.

Your link is broken.

Bah, i guess the forum doesn't like https links. Okay, try this one.

Anyone else?

It should be noted that Team Orange has never been defeated in a championship game. Why wouldn't you want to join?