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A couple weeks ago I was playing a league game and this large gentleman I was defending made a cut towards the handler for the disc. He had a good 20 meters distance from the handler

Then about 10 meters away from the handler in between the large gentleman there were two girls stationary. The whole time I was side stepping next to the large man as he continued to run towards the handler. He yelled at the girls while running "clear out" "move out." In the end, he ran right up to the girls and stopped and called pick.

Can he call a pick like that? Is there such thing as an offensive pick? He had plenty of time to change directions, communicate with the stationary girls, and it was clear that the path he chose to cut in was not clear.

No. That's called clogging (aka bad offense), that's not a violation. Though it would be nice if
you could make a call to help out with your bad offense...

It's hard to quote the absence of a rule, but here's the pick rule:

XVI.I.1) 1. A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that causes a
defensive player guarding (II.G) an offensive player to be obstructed by another player.
Obstruction may result from contact with, or the need to avoid, the obstructing player.

I just cringe hearing about situations like this.

We have someone calling something that's not supported by the rules, in effect stopping play to their own benefit. Since it's everyone's responsibility to follow the rules, which means knowing them in the first place, should I go so far as to suggest the label, "Cheatin' Cheaterhead"?

Possibly not, but it's certainly an example of very unspirited play.

I would hope that someone on the field (at the time, or on the sideline right afterwards) spoke to this person to correct and educate him on what the correct rule is. However, this often doesn't happen; either because no-one actually knows this is wrong, or if they do, they don't make it their responsibility to do so. However, the rules allow for this (check out the etiquette section) and I suggest it's our responsibility or we're just as at fault, especially for repeated infractions.

I also fear about any others on the field that don't have a strong enough understanding of the rules to also know this is a very incorrect call. And now they will think they have learned about another rule that they didn't previously know about. Unless it was corrected at the time, which I have big money on that it wasn't... I'll even give odds.

Forgive me for the rant, but like I said, I just cringe hearing about situations like this.

There is nothing in the rules about contesting a pick or is there?...can you contest a pick in this situation and/or in a general pick call?

A pick is a violation and you can contest any violation right or no?

You may make an official Contest (big-C I call it) when you disagree with any infraction call
against you:

XVI.B) A player called for an infraction may contest that call if that player believes the
infraction did not occur.

You can contest (small-c), disagree, dispute, etc, the outcome of any play. Eg: an OB call is
not an infraction/violation/foul, but you can 'contest' (small-c) that call and go BTT.

XVI.D) If a dispute arises concerning an infraction or the outcome of a play (e.g., a catch
where no one had a good perspective), and the teams cannot come to a satisfactory
resolution, play stops, and the disc is returned to the thrower and put into play with a check
(VIII.D), with the count reached plus one or at six if over five.


Where I think the "you can't contest a *blank*" myth came from is because sometimes
contesting a call is no different from accepting it.

Yes, any rules infraction call (i.e., foul or violation) can be contested.