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I'm going to beg all captains out there to please take spirit rating seriously. And by seriously, I mean try to follow the criteria as best you can. If a certain thing happened, check it off, if it didn't, don't. I see a lot of scores that don't reflect how a game went, and that really doesn't help anyone. Don't just give a team an 11 because you want to be nice, or have the favour returned in the future. Teams can't know what they're doing wrong if they're always getting 11s.

Same goes for low scores, don't give a team a poor score because *your* players didn't know the rules, or *your* players disputed everything in an unspirited fashion. Try, really try to assume your opposition made a call because that's what they thought happened, not because they're "cheating" or being sneaky and underhanded in order to win. If you have a real serious problem with a team, so much that you need to give negative points, try and talk to the other captain to try and fix those issues.

I've seen 11s given to my teams that we haven't deserved. Thanks, but we're not *that* awesome. I've also seen <5 scores that the other captain could not justify when asked why. If we play a game with you or do a cheer, don't forget to check that box either. Being spiteful doesn't resolve anything.

I agree.

A bit of an aside, I think there are several issues with the current check-box text that makes it difficult to get reasonable scores as well.

One issue is that a lot of the negative boxes are negations of a positive box. So, if a team loses one spirit point, they generally lose two since the positive box isn't checked and the negative one is checked.

Also, I would like to see:
"The captain was helpful when disputes occurred."
replaced with:
"The captain was helpful."

I struggle to submit a spirit score when we had a great game and the opponents understood the rules, the game was one of the most fun, no disputes occurred and everyone played with great sportsmanship. Technically, I should give a 10 because "The captain was helpful when disputes occurred" is not a true statement. Although, the captain may have been helpful with other things (starting the games on time, capping the other teams, etc.), the check-box statement isn't true.

But, I can guess that any discussion about changing the existing text devolves into a debate about what the text should be and then probably at the end of the discussion, everyone just agrees to leave it as it is. After all, the point of the spirit score is to allow teams to give feedback to the league about another team and the exact wording doesn't really matter to whether a team is spirited or unspirited.

From the list of check boxes.

4: The team cheered us at the end of the game or made us play a fun little game like "SPLAT".

From the guidelines page (http://www.vul.bc.ca/v3/home/spirit/):

Playing in non-traditional athletic wear - skirts, hats or costumes - is one way of showing that winning the game is no more important than the fun of playing. But these things aren't necessary elements of spirit, and it would be unfair and unreasonable to judge the spirit of a team or player by the clothes they wear or the songs they sing.

Isn't this a bit of a contradiction? Also it rained heavy last night, so something about the game made it less enjoyable (-1)