Olympics On time and On budget?

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Sorry, the issue is choice and the ability to boycott a product. I've made the point I intended to
and it stands.


I lost a post in response to your links. I'm sorry that I can't take the time to go back and find
the links I found that presented more nuanced or negative views regarding Olympic benefits.
But they're out there. After two days of this I'm done. If you want to take the win you're
welcome to it.

I would say in closing however, that if real estate prices and road-building are the criteria
then 2010 is a positive economic effect. But, if we start to calculate the cost to incarcerate a
habitual offender who has to steal to pay for a drug habit, to pay the insurance claims for
those actions, to pay for the police, and paramedics and security guards at every turn, not to
mentionthe cost to society from the cycle of violence and poverty such a sad situation
perpetuates for generation after generation, and realize that this is yet another cost borne by
taxpayers, there may well be much better returns on our investment in the long-term than
mega-events (such as dealing with homelessness, drug addiction, child poverty, better
educational opportunities, etc). In fact, I would most definitely suggest that this is the case.
Further, I think it is our government's duty to deal with these issues before trying to increase
the wealth of people who already have plenty.

I stand by my belief that the 'budget' is a fairy-tale that even Mother Goose would find hard
to swallow and cannot in good conscience allow myself to be OK with the attitude that
politicians and corporations screw us, so we should accept that. If we do that, then people
won't vote, and the same crooks will be back in power. For this reason we must deny them
the opportunity to stand before crowds like Emperors or distract us from their failures with
circuses. Making the best of the games will only perpetuate the myth. Making a mockery of
them will show we won't get fooled again.


Same for you.

I'm sure you will make hay of that, I don't really care. Your original claim is that we are on
budget and on time. You are batting .500 right now. That'll get you a big league contract.
But, so am I. We are not 'on budget' and the budget must include items that the government
refuses to include or it is a farce. The people behind 2010 have abused our trust, our
democratic system, our right to know how our tax dollars are allocated, and many of the
values supposedly embodied by the Games. That's probably the most odious aspect of the
whole thing. I would also point out that the Games themselves are little more than a
nationalistic exercise in chest-thumping at a time when our entire planet should be viewing
ourselves as a global whole. We will never survive if we continually pit ourselves against each
other based upon such minor issues as where we are born or live. As a friend of mine says, if
you have thumbs we are brothers.

"I'm sorry that I can't take the time to go back and find the links I found that presented more nuanced or negative views regarding Olympic benefits.
But they're out there"

I don't doubt it and certainly never argued that.

"I would say in closing however, that if real estate prices and road-building are the criteria then 2010 is a positive economic effect."

I will close by saying I've spent the past 20 posts talking about non-economic benefits.

Well Leon,

That was probably your most well written post of the last 2 days that's for sure.

I don't believe they're on budget. At the time of my original post they were. I also don't believe they're as far off as you feel, however neither of us will know for sure until after the event is done. Some things change, some things stay the same. Security is somewhere they didn't even get in the right ballpark.

It seems to me that the cost over-runs are not central to any of our positions. My position being that it's of net benefit and a worthwhile use of resource, yours that it's a terrible use of resources and Kermit's that there will be some benefit and it's tough to tell. The details about the figures only serve to distract, in particular where they aren't even agreed on (for instance is RAV an Olympic expenditure or not)

I do disagree that you can look at these sorts of issues as black and white. I'd rather it was graded on a scale, and clearly there are issues that we all agree are demerits. If you don't acknowledge any benefit at all, then so be it, you're the only person I've ever encountered that doesn't think there's a single benefit to the games, but that's OK. So long as you recognize that's your opinion, and is not borne out by the facts.

Hopefully the other half of my original post bears out. Looking good so far.

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Who needs social housing anyway: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-

In light of all the orgiastic spending and gorging at the trough by olympigs everywhere, this is a(nother) real travesty...

I saw at the gas station the other day:
"Buy an olympic glass, support your athletes." This reminds me that athletes still have to hold bake sales to raise money to get here, while corp execs zoom in shiny jets overhead to plant their fat butts in all the good seats donated to them by vanoc.

today was the half page ad in the Sun, tugging the same heartstrings that bamboozled so many to agree having the games here to begin with, telling us to "get behind our athletes" and urging everyone to donate $20.10 to the own the podium organization. WTF??? Why is everyone getting the Great Taxpayer Snowblower of Money aimed at them except the athletes themselves?

You know what? We will never "own the podium" because the Emperor of IOC Inc. owns it and it's copyrighted to the tits. makes me want to puke.

You can copyright tits? I call dibs!

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Nice to see all that money getting spent on the athletes: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-

"Rogge's room also must be equipped with floor-to-ceiling banks of television sets with video
feeds "enabling simultaneous viewing of all events of the games," the documents say."

Dude clearly hasn't heard of picture in picture technology.

I wonder how many athletes on Team Canada will be people who were not born in Canada, but moved here either early in their lives or after they became somewhat good at the sport they are competing in?


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Yes, I'm bumpping this post up!

News Report yesterday just said that the new Sea to Sky Highway is apparently reducing vehicle crashes (down 40%) and fatalities (1 so far this year).

Oh Snap, all Olympic Funding is now justified.

Really, I just miss the Olympics, good times...


Yes, I saw that 'news' report as well.

It was all anecdotal evidence. Even the fire chief they interviewed flat out said 'we have no numbers to back up what we're saying'.

That's good reporting there lou.