Olympics kills fish

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Well, sort of. That subject was just to get your attention. "Goverment policies and corporate greed can kill fish" may have been more accurate:


It probably should read "humans kill fish". That might be even more accurate.

No, no, no. It should read the "RAV kills fish."

...arrogant human "progress" kills fish among other things

instead of worrying about teh oylimics or a very neccesary civic exspantion why not look at fish farms or the native fishing industry?

no no no - density kills fish

No now I got it........

Bikes kill fish

It's okay if we kill fish as long as we don't cook it, right?

... mmmm... suuuuushiiiiii.....

Birth control kills fish... study being done on Vancouver island, where sewage goes untreated in the ocean. The remnants of excreted birth control drugs have a major impact on the marine habitiat there.

Food for thought... next time you are digesting your estrogen laced sashimi.