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The good, the bad and the ugly?

I know which one I am, but which one is the good and which the bad?

Good: The city really has come alive. I took Friday off and went downtown to see the flame and see what the crowds were like. It was really exciting and everyone was have a whole lot of good clean fun ( I wasn't down there at night, during the day). I drove down and travel to/from was great. Parking was easy. I've never seen Vancouver like this and I'm glad to see how great it was.

The weather is also really helping out with this. It's one thing to wait in line for 2 hours in the sun, but completely different in the rain. The success of the games will be directly related to this weather if it holds.

Bad: The slide centre incident and revelations that it might have been designed wrong and that they knew already this.

The weather making Cypress a mess.


Ugly: Idiotic protesters (not all of them).

This is only day 9, there's a lot yet to come.

m2c By m2c

Lots of good.

Traffic, which was a constant in reasons why not to have the games is fantastic. Everyone bought in, is using transit and there are less cars on the road now then normal. This is a big positive and it might give a big boost to the future of transit as people see how easy it is to get around without a car.

Lines??? Where??? Not counting the pavillions, where people choose to line up, there has been minor lines for most things. I have gone to many events and if you arrive 1h prior to the start time the average security line is about 15 min. Arrive 10 min prior then you slept in your bed. Some lines at transit stations, but mostly just after big events end, again, people are dealing with it. Lines on March 1st at YVR will be crazy, gut you can't avoid that.

Weather. Isn't this a great city in the Sun? Way better than if it was snowing. Cypress is fine, it took a lot of hard work, but the courses are good and it's easy to move around when you are up the mountain. Again, better than if there were 10 feet of snow up there, and more coming down. Enjoy it!

Downtown. No-Fun-City??? Hardly. All venues are packed. 7 hour wait for 25 second Zip Line, 4 hour wait to touch the Olympic Medals, Live City Lineup closed at 4pm because 10,000 people already inside, Northern Pavillions expecting 2000 people over 2 weeks and getting 6000 on the first day, people wanting to get even close to the Flame, the Dutch House needing to order more beer, 3 Million Red Mittens sold, 400,000 people showing up for fireworks. This all sounds like people are having Fun. It is a party, and everyone (mostly) is in. The no-fun thing was a bit of a media myth anyways, but it does not appy right now.

Whistler. Again, no problems with the road (no traffic problems), less cars once you are up there and a great feeling in the Village. Again, people having fun. Who have thunk it?


Luge Incident Obviously. The track was approved by the ISU, and athletes have done thousands of runs without a major problem. It was a bit of a freak incident, but we will see what they say about the design.

Media. Unfortunatly, as the media tends to do, they choose the track of a story early and run with it. Some very minor issues early (Opening Ceremony Problem, Weather delays, Luge, Ugly Fence) and suddely a 2 week event with 2700 Athletes is a complete failure. No matter what happens in the next week that will be the story, which is sad for the organizers who have done a first class job in almost every respect.


I have to admit that while I was dreading the event and was convinced it would be a debacle, it's going quite well. As Brian said, transportation has been remarkably good, traffic is light and fewer motorists trying to kill the cyclists than usual. Transit is definitely busier than usual, but aside from a few peak-hour delays it's just crowded, not broken.

The line-ups for non-sports events (pavillions etc.) are insane, but those are optional (and I've chosen to not wait.) My biggest complaint is that almost all of the pavillions and exhibitions are closing on the 28th, meaning that exploring them after the bulk of the crowds have left is not an option. I would have thought they'd keep them open through the paralympics (so as not to marginalize that part of the event) but apparently not. I can't speak for the actual sporting events, or Whistler, as I haven't been.

The mood might change when the line-uppers have rain instead of sunshine later this week, and I'm sure some media will try to play that up, but overall I think it's going quite well, all things considered.

The dead silence on this Forum, and the odd cough, cough, throat-clear, in trying to recall anything bad.

Nodar. Tragic and sad.

Rod Black.

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