Opportunities for VERY young players?

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Could anyone put me in contact with any coaches, teams, or camps that
accommodate young players? I have a 7-year old boy who has fallen in love with
Ultimate. He plays in weekly pick up games in the Maple Ridge league and flicks half
the field on a dime. If there was something out there for players under 10, I'd love to
get him involved. Maybe an elementary school team that wouldn't mind him practicing
with them? Cheers everyone!

Dan Macmaster (Maple Ridge Ultimate)

My advice to you is to gather some of his (athletic) friends (and their sisters) together and teach them to play - that's what I did with 'Vertically Challenged'. You won't find anything organized for that age and even elementary school Ultimate doesn't start until grade 3 in the States and more like grade 7 or 6 here if you're lucky. I started entering VC in Spring Reign (huge youth Ulty event in Burlington in April) when they were in grade 2 - and that was before they had an Elementary School division!
Good luck! Have fun!

I think my son would be interested in something like this as well (he's 6
in September) but he's not nearly as skilled as your son yet. Maybe we
can set up some sort of drop-in games for younger children in Vancouver?

m2c By m2c

We have a son (8) who is also interested in Ultimate. UDIV is coming up on April 28th and that might be an opportunity for some parents and kids to get together informally to talk about ideas/opportunities for VERY young players.

We may get a Facebook event going for this. Stay tuned.