Petals around the rose

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Apparently the smarter you are the harder this puzzle is to figure out... which means I'll never get it.

Somebody explain to me how this worx.

(go to www link to see what I'm talking about)

It's just like Lisa Simpson not being able to solve her puzzle, when even Ralph could get it. Don't worry Stump, you aren't becoming stupid.

Very interesting... I must be pretty stupid, 'cuz I figured it out without any errors at all... obviously the IQ tests are extremely flawed!

Do your *really* want me to tell you, Stumpy?

I tried again, got a roll of the die that wuz all ones (1)'s and figured it out.

Guess I'm not as smart as I think ;-).

And that'd be the same answer as all 2's, 4's, or 6's, right?

Oui, also, Darth Vader is Luke's father.

That's not true! Thats IMPOSSIBLE!

Seriously though, when completing the petals

around the rose, you're sworn to a blood oath of


BTW, very interesting article about Gates and

petals here:


Damnit I figured it out right away...

Guess Mensa is definantly out of the question for me.

Yup, I guess both you and I are just stupid, Brian.

Stump's original web link is actually the easy version. There, you are explicitly asked "There are how many petals are there in the rose?".

The version in the Bill Gates story linked above is much trickier. Here, the player is only asked "What is the answer?"

Aren't they told (1) the name of the game (Petals Around The Rose); (2) the answer is always even; and (3) the answer to the particular roll?

Yes, you're right, they're told all those things in the Gates story. I wasn't clear in my previous post. What I meant to say was that they don't get a leading question like "how many petals around the rose" ...

Unfortunantly I didn't have access to the site linked abouve, it was down. SO I looked online and found the game on a different site. Which I gather was the more original form of the game. And I got it right away :(

Which means I guess I am trully bloody stupid without the help of hintful wording (although we peoples of intelligence deficiency prefer to be called 'simple' in this day and age) .

Damn, guess I'm not smart at all.

The one I could never figure out was the people crossing the bridge where they all walk different speeds and only two can go at a time (see link for a more coherent explanation).

**Bridge Spoilers**

1 + 3 go, 1 comes back

= 4s

12 + 8 go, 3 comes back

= 19s

1 + 6 go, 1 comes back

= 26s

1 + 3 go