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During a zone defense, a mid-position player came into the cup to act as an obstruction for the cup-pers.

Would this be considered a pick?


The mid-position player isn't picking anybody in this case because the other 2 defensive players in the cup (not marking the disc) don't have checks so the mid (offensive) player is just running in front of them, not in between them and their checks (which they don't have).

Confused yet?

No ... for a number of reasons.

The people in the cup aren't guarding a receiver, they're guarding the thrower. The pick rules state "...defensive player guarding a receiver to be obstructed...". So no pick here.

Other than the 'on-point' (whom I'm assuming isn't the one that the mid-position player is obstructing), the other two cuppers should be more than three meters away to make sure they're not double-teaming... while the pick rules apply to defenders WITHIN three meters of their offensive match-up. So no pick here.

So then, could "blocking" rules apply? Not when the thrower has the disc... assuming the mid-position player's position is not unavoidable. Not when the disc is in the air... assuming of course that the mid-position player doesn't then try to keep the cup from chasing the disc.

Really, there is nothing wrong with a mid-position player doing this. But SHOULD they? A quick crash of the cup, sure... it often opens up the cup for a throw to someone else through the cup, or a throw to the crasher to reset the count. Standing inside for a longer period of time, no... it clogs up the area more with another person in the thrower's face, plus the other two cuppers could then also essentially mark up on the thrower without risk of double-team calls because there's now another player in the area (I doubt any thrower would be happy with you for that one).