PlayUlty.Com = Back In Action

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Hey Ulty Players and Ulty Fans...

Got time for a plug? :) Just a quick one to say that PlayUlty.Com is
up and running once again.

Over the past 3 weeks we temporarily shutdown in order to completely
revamp our website and e-commerce system. In doing so we're now able to offer you a better shopping experience. And not only that, but
we've added (and will continue to add) a slew of new products to our
catalog. Come check out our selection of:

- Videos

- Books

- Discs

- Coaching Aids

- Wobble Boards

- Playing Accessories

- Unique Apparel (coming soon...)

Thanks for listening.

-= Seppo =-


PlayUlty.Com :: Educational and lifestyle products for Ultimate Frisbee.