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When a thrower is fouled in the act of throwing, they usualy wait for the outcome of the throw then either "play on" or bring the disc back to the thrower. My question is: does the thrower have to wait for the outcome of the throw to be determined before he starts moving? Or, can he start running while the disc is in the air, and come back to the position where he threw the disc if the throw is incomplete.

He should call the foul right away, at least loud enough for the marker to hear. Depending on the outcome of the throw, the disc may come back, or play may continue.

Either way, the thrower and marker do not have to stay still, they can continue playing. If the play does go back, everybody should return to the point they were at at the time of the call.

So long as the O and D agree where the play should restart, there's no worry about finding the exact spot.

A foul MUST be called immediately (as Temple said, at least loud enough so the marker knows)..

XVI. I. 3. A foul can only be called by the player who has been fouled and must be announced by loudly calling out the word "Foul!" immediately after the foul has occurred.

Good clarification. Call it immediately or don't.

(Unless you're playing with somebody who

doesn't know the rules, etc...)