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Playoffs start next week for all 8-team divisions and run for 3 weeks. They start the following week for 10-team divisions and run for 2 weeks. Note that Monday teams will NOT play on Aug 2, but will instead finish on August 16th.

See the Playoffs page for playoff-specific rules:

Game schedules can be found in the usual place (unlike past years where playoff schedules were posted on separate pages). Don't see any game scheduled for your team yet? That's likely because we're still waiting for some teams to confirm scores from the past month...

Games for Monday are posted.

Maybe an incentive for teams to confirm scores on time would be they get
to choose what field they get to have playoffs on...

Games for this Tuesday are now posted.

Wednesday games up. Thursday will be up tomorrow (Tuesday).

Thursday games are up. Note the 7pm start time for games at UBC Track.

I might have missed it but are halfs mirrored?

Nope. Playoffs page updated (link above).

Where do we find the Monday games for Playoffs? On the link to the page with Playoff Rules?

Monday games for 10-team divisions are now posted.