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Could someone please claritfy the rules re: when you're allowed a sub during
playoffs? I know to be eligible for playoffs you must play 5 games with the team
during the regular season.

Basically, please clarify whether subs are only allowed if you have less than 3 players
of either gender (and therefore default) and can only bring you up to maximum of 4
players per gender, or if as long as the sub is replacing someone of equal skill level
(and a regular player on the team) it is allowed.


There IS a rule in place. The rule (on the "Rules" page) is

"For a player to be eligible for playoffs, they must be on that team's roster and have played at least five games with that team during regular league play."

The bottom line is, you can't use people not on your roster. But if you're stuck, you can ask the other captain who is totally within his or her rights to say "Nope" especially if those players are better than your usual players, you have enough players already or you try to sneak them onto the field. Most people just want to play and aren't going to care if you bring in a sub or two so a good fun game can actually happen.

So talk to the other captain. ASK if it's OK you use this guy and that girl because there are injury and vacation issues at work. It probably will be.


Not when a keg is at stake ;) But yeah, I understand. Thanks Speedo.

I feel like suggesting we return to the old days when the only prizes were for spirit...

^ Agree!

Is there a keg at stake?  For every division?  (I make it 29 divisions in 2013; are VUL's sponsors really so generous?)

It's a (very tasty) pony keg from R&B brewing ~$140 market rate but vul and R&B have a long history together. 

Very tasty but seems to inspire less fun/spirited play.

I'd vote for dropping playoffs and just have 4 months of play.

Is Unscrupulous subbing really a problem?  Where? What divisions?  And are we really ascribing it to something as trivial as a pony keg?

If we don't trust ourselves to behave when a prize is riding on the game, then prizes for spirit are just as systematically problematic.

It does, but I can't say whether it's because of a keg or just wanting to win.  Seen it in divs 1 through 4, on different days.  I know some people have the opinion that "everyone does it" so it's basically accepted and never called out.

Very simple solution: Invite the 2nd place team to join your pony keg festivities. Done.

It happens in the lower divisions as well, more so, because players don't seem to know each other as much.
I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with the keg, people just want to win.
Team we played last week brought in 3 (!) ringers and played them for most points.