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This happened a couple of times last night. I’m on offense running down the field . My check (who is much faster than me), would sprint a few feet ahead of me and suddenly come to a complete stop. Each time I came to a sudden complete stop and each time I almost collided with my check. They were obviously doing this / cutting me off intentionally to stop me from running.

I asked him if he was allowed to do this because it was just a matter of time before we had a collision and he said he had the right to that space. I looked it up and I’m not sure which applies (or if it should be a foul).

On the one hand:
A. Each player is entitled to occupy any position on the field not occupied by an opposing player, unless
specifically overridden elsewhere, provided that no personal contact is caused in taking such a position.
So no foul because I never made contact (though like I said it was just a matter of time)

On the other hand, I think I could call foul. If they kept on doing this, contact was going to be made
H. Fouls (II.E): It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible.

It is certainly not illegal of him to do it if you are in fact able to avoid him. He is entitled to his space, and if he blocks where you want to go, well then that's just smart positioning.

What he is not allowed to do is to jump in front of you when you cannot avoid him. XVI. H. C. 2. "A player may not take a position that is unavoidable by a moving opponent when time, distance, and line of sight are considered."

If you are running behind him, I think you have to expect that he could stop at any time, and therefore he is not taking unavoidable positions even when he abruptly stops. However, if he is moving from side to side, or coming from behind, overtaking, and suddenly taking a position you can't avoid, then that would probably be a blocking foul.

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like it is just good defence because he did jump in front of me and I was (barely) able to avoid him. It does seem like a bit of a fine line though because I was just barely able to avoid the collision (1-2 steps) with me “slamming on my brakes” as hard as I could. I’m guessing if he tried it 10 times I’d probably end up in a collision at least 2-3 times.