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Sorry to be pompous, Trav, but I actually thought you'd appreciate my position. But thanks for pointing out that there are other opinions out there. I really had no idea. With friends like Trav, who needs enemies, geez!

You may have missed this, but I think the horse is already out of the barn as far as the states definition of marriage. The rules have been made, and you might have even been to a man-woman marriage yourself. The fact is it's only been man/woman, boy/girl, hog/sow deal so far. By including gays in the marriage definition we accord them equal treatment under the eyes of the law.

Its probably clear enough for most that the couple swaps clothes to clue them that this relationship is a little different from hetero unions. But some people really need to be sure I guess.......

I'll make you a deal Trav. The day your church is forced to marry John & Luke, I'll invite you to a Hannukah at the Guru Nanak Temple. Don't forget the matzo balls!

Nice chatting - gotta go