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Alex Davis of Team Canada has been elected as the first chairman of the newest game to sweep the
World: Prison Rules. A professional league is being formed in Vancouver shortly. Fee is $150 for the
first 8 franchises and $250 for the next 8.


Rules as follows.

Prison Rules is a mix of Box and Cage Fighting. Field consists of 2, 1 meter square end zones
that are 2 meters apart. Playing field consists of the two end zones and the space between
them, so a rectangle that is 1 meter by 4 meters.

Players score by catching the disc in the end zone.

All normal rules of Ultimate apply, with the following exceptions.

1. No fouls or other rules may be called by any player. Doing so results in minus 1 point.
2. Players can self catch to advance the disc, but stall is not reset.
3. Stall is to 5 and can be called by any played.
4. 3 Players per side during play, sub on the fly.
5. Cone Fix stops play immediately! Cone fix may be called is any of the cones marking the
end zones are moved, which is often. Cone Fix is the only rule not subject to Rule 1. Prior to
Cone fix being called the end zone is the area between the 4 cones, even if some have been
6. On a disc caught by both the O and D at the same time, the one who ends up with it gains
possession. Possession may be gained by any means necessary (Prison Rules).
7. The score is kept by the players and may end up being the result of debates and arguments
about what was or was not a score. Game continues until Morgan gets angry and tells you to
put your Fucking Jersey on!H
8. Greatest is legal no matter where you jump from or land, as long as you are in the air while
touching the disc.
9. Respect the game, but don't respect your opponents, OR: Don't hate the game,
hate the haters.