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B. By B.

Here is what happened today during fall league (regular, not turf). We pull to the other team, the disc lends in their endzone; they don't stop it and it goes OB crossing at the furthest line of the endzone. We had discussion whether they should play the disc from the far away endzone line (right where it went OB) or bring it to the closest endzone line.
Any thought?

Any thought? My thought is that I bet you can reply back with exactly what the rules state within
2 minutes or looking at this link:


Hint: Look at section VIII.B.6.

Was there REALLY no-one there who knows the rule... Or was it rather that a bunch of people who knew but another one or bunch who had no clue decided to argue.


"Yes, 2"
"That can't be right... 1's are straight lines whereas 2's are squggley... a 4 is also made up of straight lines, so that's what it should be"
"Do you even KNOW math, or arguing without any real knowledge to back it up?"
"Well, I was told by someone who knows that it's 4, and he's done math way longer than you, so it must be right"