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What if a Pull hits the ground, kicked up by an O player to stop the
disc from rolling but in the process the disc becomes airborne. An O
player tries to catch it after the disc is kicked up, touches it but
misses and the disc hits the ground again.

Is that a turnover?

Probably a rare event but just curious.

No, it's not considered a "dropped disc" after having already hit the ground.

After that, rule VIII.B.6 determines where the disc should be put into play, provided that all this bobbling didn't actually advance the disc down the field (which is a separate violation, of course).

Yeah, unless the person managed to do something truly spectacular like gaining possession of
the disc, then dropping it, there's no turn over.

That doesn't sound to be the case here. Though, stranger things have happened. If a player were
to gain possession then drop it, it would be like any other dropped disc.