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Hi gang,

I might try and use this post for a few other updates, but it belongs to me as a 'personal' item. Some of you know that I've been ill for some weeks now. I just wanted to pass along my own thanks to those teammates and friends, touring team players, and members of the VUL for the best wishes and for the personal gifties and favours that have found me. It's been overwhelming. Thank-you.

Big picture -- why don't you discuss with your teammates doing a blood donor drive in the next little while? Blood transfusions and platelets have been part of what I've needed in Sep, and there certainly an ongoing public need out there (and seemingly the ability of we VUL'ers to step in and help out on a large scale.

Your kindness is appreciated.


And make sure to get your own 'thank-you' to our LC, Craig, who has picked up the lion's share of all VUL duties for several weeks now, and to the members of your elected VUL Board (Brian, Gina, Joe, Gord, Alex, Steve and Ed) who have all picked up additional duties. The league could not be functioning so well without these people.


Although I know nothing of your illness, it's people like you why I donate platelets, simply because people need them and the supply does not meet the demand.

All it takes is your time, and the ability to suck it up over a little needle poke. The VUL is full of a ton of eager and generous people, so get out there and donate (if you don't already)! And don't just donate once, make it a regular habit. You can donate platelets once every two weeks if you're able. It makes a huge difference.

emd By emd

I think CBS might even arrange a clinic if enough people could be confirmed.
Couldn't really do it around a league night or something (exercising after
donating makes one feel woozy), but you could it and then start drinking!!!

In the past we have had some "VUL Blood Drives", and there is a page in the donation book at the Oak Street CBS location for the VUL. We have had some success getting people out (thanks to all)

All blood and blood products that are collected end up going to someone in need, and for each recipient there are many, many people who know this person and appreciate the effort.

Now the Ultimate community are the ones who know someone who is in need.

emd - "I think CBS might even arrange a clinic..." Sounds like a great idea, but can I ask a little more of you or some other forum dwellers. Find out if this is possible. If so, start thinking about logistics and communications. See if we can make a show of it! See if we can get 100, 200, 500+ people to donate in a single day/weekend, etc...

Start the Facebook page, send the tweets, write the blogs.

Have a good idea - Check
Implement that good idea - Pending


Thank you shmank you. Hawkins you'd better be ready next May for the Summer League Smackdown. The VUL will thrill to the glory of our fifty year old bodies duelling for senior supremacy. It will be incandescent!

To follow up on M2C's post, if anyone can step forward to organize a clinic with Canadian Blood Services (a Sat or Sun afternoon might be good), the league will help with communicating the info to members.