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In Turf league rules, turnovers occur immediately at the point a goal is scored. This sometimes results in a string of lost points, when one team gets stuck in its own end zone and scored on repeatedly. I've seen other teams deal with this by 'Icing' the disc down the field to empty space at an early stall count. I'd like to imitate this strategy because to me it opens up the field and spreads out the play, but I am concerned that the strategy is poor spirit.

Is 'Icing' the disc bad spirit? In Turf? In regular ultimate?

It sounds like classic "huck & D" strategy, particularly popular on blasphemously windy days when a fed-up offense would rather turn over the disc anywhere but on their own goal line.

The merits of the strategy are always up for debate, but I can't imagine how it could be construed as unspirited.

Ditto. Doing it repeatedly is a boring way to play Offense, but if you're clobbering a team so
mercilessly, you don't really get to complain that they're not rolling over for you, or that
they're not playing better.

It's a punt when your back is against the wall. It's no different from punting in football.
Sometimes not doing it would be foolish and simply giving the other team an advantage.

It's definitely not unspirited. Though it may not pass the "hey man, what you're doing is
causing me to enjoy this game a little less" criteria, which some people think determines
spiritedness (though it's doesn't).

By the way, I happen to think Huck and Zone is a terrible strategy under any circumstance. I
never let my teams try that kind of loser, defeatist strategy when I'm on the field.

*Strike* and Zone! Now that is a strategy that can come in handy sometimes! Don't think
punt, think score (low percentage be damned, visualize and attack, be the disc, and all that
jazz)! Aim for the catch, be ready for the D. Confidence breeds winners.

yea definitely not unspirited. as long as its not your whole game strategy. can get you out off some tough spots.

dump and change!