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RE medical records

The Liberal government has contracted out the management of medical records in BC to a US company. this means the records would be subject to the scrutiny of the US governmnent by virtue of the Patriot Act. Now, not only does this represent a huge risk of violation of privacy, sending our records to the U.S. removes any real means of accountability for the misuse or mismanagement of those medical records once they leave BC. The records involved include medical history, hospital records and prescription records.

Under the contract, MSP and Pharmacare are managed by Maximus in the US (via a Canadian subsidiary). The company has faced fines for not meeting its contractual obligations with BC and has a history of problems in many states in the U.S. (including being found guilty of misappropriation of public funds in Wisconsin, settling a massive fraud case in DC for 30.5 million, and it is also facing criminal charges). The contract is set to expire in 2014. All very reassuring.

link to Maximus' website :


My 2 Cents:

It is important to note that your personal medical records that are collected and managed by your primary care giver (family/clinic physician) are managed by that physician. They are not the property of the Government of BC/Ministry of Health. Physicians don't give these records to the Government for storage.


Yes, that's true, the doctor's private records don't apply BUT contrary to your claim, community clinics are included. In the new e-health system, those records are not exempted. So if you don't have a GP, everything goes. Also, the e-health bill provides a multitude of exceptions allowing the government to override the few protections in the proposed e-health system, they basically get to decide what is private as they see fit.

Effectively, the Liberal government e-records plan includes little or no protections or safeguards to make sure that the information is only passed on to those who truly need access to it (like other physicians and under the control of the patient) nor does it take into account proper access to that information by patients (see Maximus' record on providing service to patients). Records in the e-health system would include drug histories, genetic information, test results, information from community health clinics, women's clinics, pharmacies, labs, hospitals and other health care service providers. See Bill 24.

Regardless of the e-health fiasco in progress, the records kept by Pharmacare and MSP are sufficiently detailed in that though the private notes of your doctor may not be recorded, the information that is collected can be used to establish your medical history and in some cases your financial history (i.e. MSP premium assistance).

"All claims submitted by physicians to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) must include a diagnostic code. This information allows MSP to verify claims and generate statistics about causes of illness and death."

Finally, doctors when needed share your records with hospitals and other care providers that are not subject to any exception. This may undermine their exclusion.