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Hey there everyone, I'm just check on this one to be sure. The plot goes like this, a defencive player makes a better play on the disc then his/her check, resulting in the disc placed firmly in the defencive players hands while in mid air (he/she had to jump to beat their check), meanwhile, while the defencive player is falling back to earth, his/her check grabs hold of the disc (which has clearly been caught first by the defence). They both come down, hands on the disc, check claiming to have taken hold first. By the way, this all takes place in the endzone. What happens? Call is contested and sent back to the thrower? Thanks

Whoever had possession first keeps the disc, regardless of whether or not the disc is OB, the

players are in the air, etc.

Once you've determined who has possession, you then decide what happens depending on

whether the disc is OB, etc.

In your case, if the O believes that they had the disc first, and the D believes that they had the

disc first, then the only resolution is to go back to thrower.