RE: Need a woman for Kamloops, Aug 21st-22nd

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I was driving hard, running from the darkness desperate to make the border by dawn. Eyeballs, nestled in sandpaper sockets, watched the kilometres click by on the odometer. The sub-woofer was murmuring Massive Attack melodies to my spine, in competition with the rumble of the V6. Flashed

headlights quickly dispatched all but the most oblivious of the slack-jawed motorists loitering in the passing lane, like corpulent teenagers blithely wandering through the mall lost in a world of vowel-elided text-messaged banalities.

Ahead lay Vancouver, and salvation. Behind, utter madness. I cranked up the stereo to cover the melodic thumps as we traversed the road's undulations, and I reflected upon the past weekend.

The team was hasily assembled, the tournament: Big Thirst in Kamloops. The best organized tournament I've ever been to, played out on the lush fields of McArthur Island sports complex (according to the flowers next to the highway, BC's tournament capital). The ultimate was good natured but intense, and the facilities awesome. Although hotter than a Yugo stuck in traffic, it was an experience I repeat ad nauseum to strangers at bus stops.

Well, a year later our band of vagabonds is almost fully assembled, but, and this may come as a surprise, we're short a girl.

If you're div 4+, have no major personality issues [*], and would like to hang out with a fun group (including an unbelievably saucy captain with a passable fake European lisp), then clicky-clicky on the email link and let me know.

Here are the salient details:

fee: $40

when: Sat/Sun 21st 22nd Aug

where: Kamloops (see www link)

team practice: Aug 6th (email for more details)

[*] If you can hammer into the end zone then major quirks may be overlooked.