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Looking for a team for fall - Beg to Int. Preferably Sun AM. We tried to start at team but not enough committed players.

Hey nina,

My team is always up for more girls and guys.

WE're trying for Sun AM too.

Contact me if you're interested.


Hey John,
I've sent you an e-mail.

There's also a team of individuals looking to put together a team that's in need of more guys and girls. That's also a possibility if you're interested, and as of now there isn't a set day or time to play in.

Do you know how to get in touch with someone involved in trying to put together that team of individuals?

So far I've just registered on the site as an individual and there's a guy trying to put together a team for all of us who don't currently have one. His name (I believe) is Dan Reeve, and I believe he's the league co-ordinator at the time being guessing by his email. The email is

Thanks Daniel