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hey all,

UBC student looking for a summer team -- I've played on and off the
last 5/6 years between here and with the Ottawa league and would
like to continue playing in Van this summer.

My throws are decent and consistent, but need much more
work in game strats/etc. -- so, with that in mind, looking for a
competitive but super fun team :) (div5+?) looking to meet some
other great people out there on the field.

I'll be around all summer :) -- any night is good


Hey Byron,

I don't have a team this summer either but if you're interested we could try to build one from single players. There are more players on the forum.

reply or email to me if interested, thanks


I am also looking for a team. I played rec for a summer in Kingston ON (recently moved to Vancouver) and would love to play this summer.

Simon/Byron, if you think we can get a team together I am up for that, shoot me an email and maybe we can get something together.



Eu By Eu

Hey I'll throw my hat in here too. I recently moved out here from Toronto and have also been looking for a team, so I'm up for something like this.

perfect, guys -- was thinking of maybe starting up a team but we would need a coach/someone who
knows what they're doing, haha.

any other takers? from the sounds of it so far, it would be in the 6-7-8 div range, correct?

I'd like in on this team, too. I'm looking for happy teammates who like working hard. I've only been playing for a year, so I would really benefit having a coach/really experienced player.

It's unrealistic to talk about putting a team together without women ready to sign up; that's the priority.

Keep me in the loop, please!

(Also from Toronto)

Id be in on this too...I have 2 years high shcool coaching experience (granted im young too), i know most of the rules, and i need a tuesday team. ive got cones and discs. all we need now are ladies.

I think you replied to my forum post about forming a new team. Email me back. If there's enough variety of experience and interest, maybe we can do something.

Someone send me a link if you are arranging a team. I would like to be in.