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Hi all,

Player O on offense is the intended receiver of a pass and is standing in the endzone. Player D on defense bumps into O and the pass ends up incomplete. Player O calls a foul. Player D does not contest.

What is the result?

According to XVI.H.3.b.2 (Receiving fouls), the intended receiver would gain possession "at the spot on the playing field closest to the spot of the infraction". Since this is the Playing Field and not the Playing Field Proper, it would include the endzone. So, would this count as a point scored?

I recall having to bring the disc back to the endzone line in 10th Edition so I went and looked it up and the same rule specifically says "the player fouled gains possession at the spot on the goal line closest to the location of the infraction."

Okay. So that makes sense, the rule was changed for 11th edition. However, the one thing that still confuses me is that the Force-Out-Foul rule specifically says "If an uncontested force-out foul results in an in-bounds player landing outside the end zone being attacked when they would have landed in the end zone without the foul, a goal is awarded."

Now I'm confused again... why would the force-out-foul rule specifically state that a goal is awarded in this case? Specifically stating it implies that you don't normally award a goal from a receiving foul. Is it just legacy from 10th edition?


To answer what I think is the original question, yes, an uncontested receiving foul in the endzone awards possession to the infracted player at the point of the foul. It is not a point, however; one must catch a disc in the proper endzone to score a point. The disc will be checked live at the point of the foul (on the playing field), and then the thrower must bring it to the goal line (the playing field proper) to put it into play.

A recognized force-out foul assumes that the receiver would have landed in the endzone (in this case) had he not been pushed past a line. The key difference between these two scenarios is that the receiver has actually caught the disc instead of merely being awarded possession. Note, for example, that a receiver who runs the disc into the endzone still has possession, but has not scored a point; catching a disc is a necessary criterion to score a point.

Yep, you gain possession at the spot of the disc, but you haven't scored. The relevant rule is:

X.B) B. If a team gains or retains possession in the end zone that they are attacking other than
by scoring a goal in accordance with rule XI, the player in possession must carry the disc directly
to, and put it into play at, the spot on the goal line closest to where possession was gained.

the only way it would count would be if the O were to catch the disc in the endzone and then subsequently have the disc stripped and the strip not contested by the D. that would count as a point.

Stripped after the catch, but also fouled *after* the catch.

For some reason I didn't interpret that as the scenario being described, but reading it again, I
see that it's possible he meant it either way.

If you catch the disc and are fouled, which results in you losing possession of the disc, then it
is a point. Same as if you are stripped after catching the disc. Assuming no contests of

XI.A.2) When an inbounds player in possession of the disc whose first ground contact will be
completely within the end zone loses possession of the disc due to an uncontested foul, or
lands out of the end zone due to an uncontested force-out foul (XVI.H.3.b)(4)), that player is
awarded a goal.

In the 10th Ed, only the strip would be a point, and the case where you caught it, but were
fouled and lost the disc in such a way that there was not contact with the disc wouldn't have
been a point. I like that they changed it thusly for the 11th Ed (the current rules).

Thanks everyone - that makes a lot more sense.

All of these rules addressing whether to award the point are based on one simple concept: You need to evidence possession and that this would have resulted in a score except for the foul.

So all instances of awarding the point to the fouled player require that the catch was actually made. The related foul either caused the loss of possession or caused the location of the possession to move to outside of the endzone.

IF there's no catch, there's no point awarded.

emd By emd

I caught it, why would I call foul?

Because you caught it, but before you could satisfy the conditions of scoring (like retaining
possession through all ground contact related to the catch), you were clobbered by some big oaf,
and then lost the disc.

You can call foul, and if it's uncontested, it's a point.

If you are fouled when trying for the disc, but never have sustained control, then if it's
uncontested it's still your disc, but it's not a point.

kind of like in football where a receiver makes the catch but is forced OB by contact.